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You have great people. Sometimes they just need a Boost!

Boost Rewards® helps you recognize and reward your workforce by incorporating your company’s culture and core values into your recognition program. Our team will turn your vision into a strategic solution to recognize and reward your top talent for a job well done. Our portfolio of platform solutions are designed to bring your goals to fruition by providing the tools you need to achieve engagement in today’s ever-changing workforce demographic within any of our recognition programs.

Boost Rewards® was built for you, helping automate and simplify all aspects of a rewards and recognition program including:

  • Creation of a custom online recognition solutions
  • Program visibility tiered to all levels of management, departments and locations
  • Easy-to-use tools to award points and certificates
  • Communication tools
  • Peer-to-Peer and social recognition
  • Ability to “bank” or save points
  • Online rewards store with thousands of items to choose from
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Track and measure achievements


Account Management

Let us do the work for you! Our Boost Rewards® Account Management Team is there from the very beginning to help you strategize, implement, manage and grow your Boost Rewards® program. Our tenured team will help you to transform your goals into valuable reasons to reward your employees. Beyond acting as your daily contact for support and inquiries, our team of professionals are supported by state-of-the-art technology and in-house technology and marketing teams to ensure that all customer needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Your dedicated team will:

  • Conduct new user training and support
  • Coordinate technology development
  • Perform on-site client visits
  • Organize data management
  • Provide client to program manager support


Customer Service

Sometimes you just need to speak with a live person. The Boost Rewards® customer service team delivers superior service and support to all of your employee inquiries regarding your rewards and recognition program. We are available by live chat, via email or phone and offer customer surveys to track employee satisfaction within your program.

Not sure which gift to order? When will the order be shipped? What’s my tracking number? We’re here to help! Our live customer service team can answer these questions and more for your employees. Boost Rewards® also updates order history and tracking information within the employee’s account and additional information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section of your program website.

Customer Service


Online Rewards Catalog



We have it all

  • Career achievement awards for years of service and retirement
  • Gift Cards, merchandise, vacation packages and online daily deals
  • Celebration and holiday event gifts
  • Change your recognition rewards selection at any time
  • Option to create a specific company branded rewards store customized to your company’s culture and strategic goals

Industry research shows that if the option is given to redeem points for a selected product over cash or restricted item, you have created the ultimate goodwill and engagement between your organization and the employee. Boost Rewards® has created a progressive rewards platform that gives your employees the freedom to reward themselves with the products or gifts they value most as an individual. Employees can login to our secure servers to check their current points balance and choose to save or shop for more than 25,000 items in our online rewards catalog.

Regardless of how you access the catalog, there are endless rewards. Our global network of online retailers provides thousands of desirable brand name products in a variety of categories, from electronics to travel and so much more!

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