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Years of Service




Depending on your size, budget, and your business objectives, Boost Rewards® has THE solution for your Years of Service program. Our robust Boost Rewards® custom solution provides a custom branded platform, providing ease of tracking and reviewing upcoming anniversaries, automatic order placement for legacy awards and an electronic scheduler that sends a congratulations notification certificate with approved points.  Our Service Award Manager (SAM™) platform is proprietary to the Boost Rewards® solution and does all tracking and point depositing for you.





All of our recognition solutions provide a method to shine the spotlight on all of your rock star employees. Once you determine your award reasons, the program will run itself (with close monitoring by the Boost Rewards team).  Better yet, you can modify your reason codes at any time as your company continues to evolve – rewarding behaviors from quality and productivity to safety and innovation.

May we suggest including the STARS method of public recognition?

  • S-ituation … Explain how your employee went above and beyond expectation
  • T-ask … Share the employee’s goals and objectives
  • A-ction … Describe the employee’s actions and outstanding commitments
  • R-esult … Detail the outstanding outcome
  • S-ignificance … Clarify how this helps the organization





An effective safety program has to embody two key elements; Keeping your company compliant and creating a decrease in lost-time injuries. But what about the other key elements ensuring ultimate program success?

  • Proper education
  • Encouragement of  positive behavior changes
  • Reward and recognize employees for contributing to a safe work environment
  • Increase safety awareness and safer work habits

A Safety program with Boost on Demand will not only create these results but also include the rewarding components you need to say “Thank You”.

Here are a few Safety program reasons to help get you started:

  • Attendance at training classes
  • Quarterly safety tests or quizzes
  • Catch someone doing the job right
  • Celebrate the successes on the job





On-the-spot rewarding is vital to a successful recognition program. If you are looking for a tangible and immediate way to recognize your employees who are creative, motivated, and productive, check out the Boost On Demand™ solution using Cogz™ rewards. Cogz are like gift cards – but smarter. They each have a unique code, which can be deposited in the employee’s individual account.





Establishing a wellness program can significantly help to lower healthcare costs for your company; however, engaging employees to participate in a wellness program may be a challenge. Research shows that wellness incentives and rewards have increased employee participation by over 60%. Looking for a tangible award? We suggest incorporating Cogz™ rewards from the Boost On Demand™ solution to increase your organization’s participation while lowering healthcare costs and gaining a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.





Today the rate of retirement in the U.S. is at its highest, with the transition of two new generations coming into the workforce. It can be a difficult challenge to create a meaningful reward thanking your dedicated and devoted employees who retire from your organization. With a Boost Rewards® retirement program, an automated award of points make it a seamless process. Employees and managers alike are notified of upcoming retirement, and the employee has the freedom to then choose an award that will be a meaningful reminder of working for your business. You can also incorporate a classic trophy or plaque to fit with your company’s culture.





Any successful business must encompass one trait – loyalty. Consumers that choose your business and your products over your competitors, not only create value but become an advocate of your business solution. It’s simple, Boost Rewards® works with you to create a strategic plan to help you reach your most important goals: A successful business with growing sales! The Boost Rewards® toolkit provides you with the scalability, point award processing, messaging tools and custom redemption catalogs you need to influence and build infinite value.