Years of Service

You have GREAT people – in fact, they are the backbone of your success. Recognizing loyalty and dedication goes a long way in keeping great employees motivated and wanting to continue to do their best. Boost Rewards can help you build a service awards program or breathe new life into an existing one with customized awards that express your company culture and attract any multi-generational workforce. Find out more about employee years of service awards...


Elevate employee performance and research shows your company morale and retention improve! Boost Rewards can help mold your company values and goals into performance objectives and finally into “reasons” to reward your employees. Find out more about employee performance incentives…

Boost Wellness

Industry research found employee wellness program participation significantly increases when rewards are offered. Whether it's promoting annual flu shots or implementing a corporate fitness program, Boost wellness platforms can do the work for you while you focus on the rewards. Find out more about Boost Wellness…

Boost Rewards Backstage Blog

Saved From Sinking

How to De-Stress at Work

Are you feeling stressed at work? Your “to-do” list is never-ending and your boss just piled a new stack of reports for you to review before the end of the week.  If you’ve felt this way recently, you are not alone! WELCOA studies indicate 65% of US adults are stressed because of … [Read More...]

Employee Rewards Program for Employees

Employees Indicate Rewards Programs Help Them Feel Valued

In a recent study by Ixaris, it was revealed that a whopping 80% of employees think a rewards program is among the things that would make them feel their work is being properly valued.  Another interesting note from the study, 70% of employees indicated that they would be willing to put in extra … [Read More...]

Talk to your employees

Three Simple Ways to Ensure a Successful Employee Rewards Program

Great employees deserve praise and recognition, but often times companies make simple mistakes when rewarding employees that lead to negative results. Check out these three simple ways to make sure your employee recognition program achieves your desired results. Talk to your employees During … [Read More...]

Support the Healthy Workforce Act

Boost Rewards is leading a campaign to help pass the "Healthy Workforce Act" which enables organizations to receive tax benefits for supporting wellness initiatives and programs...please help us in this effort by contacting your Congressman and asking them to pass the Act. Click here to learn more...